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Test Machine Repairs / Servicing / Calibration

Test Machine Repairs, Servicing and Calibration is one of our specialties here at Test Machines Australia. We have over 30 years experience in test machine manufacturing, repairs and servicing. Over this time it has allowed us to conduct repairs, servicing and calibration on many different brands and models of test machines.

Our team is among the best in the business when it comes to UTM (universal testing machine) repairs and maintenance services, as we work to ensure that our customers can enjoy the same consistent and quality results from their respective machine years after they first switched it on. 

We have global access to a range of suppliers for replacement parts. Or we can manufacture / retrofit in our own workshop. We have technicians in most major cities available for servicing and calibration work.

We are a warranty and service agent for many brands such as Tinius Olsen, and Kyowa. We can ensure you will keep your investment running smoothly throughout its lifespan. Some of the equipment we work on has been in service for a 100 years in the field. We can ensure that your equipment is looked after by the professional service it deserves.

No matter which brand or what corner of the globe your machine came from, we can get it back up and running at 100%.

We can perform upgrades on your software, or add extra fixtures or extensometers to allow your testing to expand to new levels. Contact our service department now and ask how we can assist you on your enquiry. We have many solutions to ensure you get the precise service that you require.

For more information on our test machine repair services, as well as our sought-after work in manufacturing and distribution, simply contact the Test Machines Australia team today.

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