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We at Test machines Australia have been involved in Materials Testing Machines for over 20 years. We have been involved in the local design of many, many various specialised testing machines. For years we have been involved in local manufacturing of various Testing machines. From this we are able to offer complete solutions, we can design and manufacture items for specialised tests, be it a set of special grips or fixtures, or something much more complex.

From then on we worked on various applications for all industries. Designing, manufacturing and setting up complete test labs.

Then we teamed up with the number 1 strain gage manufacturer Kyowa and looked after this.

Due to their excellent quality, they soon became the gage of choice for all industries Australia wide.

We also teamed up with Tinius Olsen, this name needs no introduction as the world leading Universal testing Machine manufacturer.

We have been selling and servicing Tinius Olsen machines for many, many years now.

We have Tinius Olsen machines out there in the field today that are over 100 years old ! and still running. We have retrofitted Tinius Olsen tensile testers many times, in order to keep up with the latest software offerings.

We have serviced and repaired many machines of all brands, manufactured all over the world.

We have retrofitted many machines of all makes and models.

Due to this we have been able to team up with some high quality manufacturers, and have machines made to our own TMA Australian specification.

This ensures you get a machine that meets all local laws, is safe to use, and will last many years. Yet remain at a great price. This is perfect for companies that want to get into materials testing, or want a secondary machine.

Together with Test Machines Australia, we can work to improve your testing requirements, let our team work for you.

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