Coefficient of Friction Tester ( COF )

When searching for a premium coefficient of friction tester (COF) device, customers across Australia know to turn to Test Machines Australia.

We are among the leading manufacturers and distributors in the industry, providing services to a diverse range of customers including packaging and plastics manufacturers, universities, and a number of high-end manufacturers.

Our COF testers offer consistency and complete objectivity in all results, and allow for greater speed and accuracy when testing. That means our customers can always be confident they are investing in a high-quality and durable COF tester that will deliver unbeatable services when needed. We provide coefficient of friction testers, and other in-demand devices such as universal testing machines, to universities and high-end manufacturers right across Australia.

Coefficient of friction testing is an important part of many manufacturing and engineering processes, and the team here at Test Machines Australia understand the premium that our customers put on reliability, functionality, and performance when it comes to these COF testers.

In addition to offering sought-after distribution and manufacturing services, the Test Machines Australia team also provides prompt and professional solutions in COF testing machine repair and servicing. We deliver support to customers right across Australia, and are always available to answer any questions they may have about our range of available testing machines.

When they work with our team, customers will be speaking with trusted and qualified engineers, not sales representatives. That means customers can always be sure they’ll receive proven and reliable advice and assistance when looking for a suitable COF tester.

Call 0418 369 505 for all further COF testing machine enquiries.

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