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Test Machines Equipment

Welcome to Test Machines Australia.

We support and have been selling some of the best Test Machines Equipment made in the world, and are proud to be recognised among the leading universal testing machine manufacturers working in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

We have been servicing nearly ALL brands of Test Equipment Australia Wide and have a very fast turnaround time.

We custom design and manufacture ourselves, and can provide installation and training and 24 hour support no matter where in the world you are.

Our design team can create the machine to suit your local conditions and requirements, while our skilled and sought-after universal testing machine manufacturers will ensure that only the best and most durable components are used in the build phase.

We also design and manufacture various fixtures and accessories for most brand machines.

We have been involved in Materials Testing for over 20 years. We have been involved in the local design of many various specialised testing machines.

We have teamed up with the leading manufacturers of test machines equipment around the world to deliver you an outstanding product line.

Tinius Olsen


Tinius Olsen test machines

Our Premium brand for Testing Machines is Tinius Olsen which is a world leading Universal Testing Machine manufacturer.

We have been specialising in selling and servicing Tinius Olsen machines for many years now. Some of the machines we service have been out in the field for over a 100 years! We have retro fitted Tinius Olsen tensile testers for older machines, in order to keep up with the latest software offerings.


Kyowa test machines

Our Premium brand for Strain Gages, Loggers, Transducers, Load Cells and more is Kyowa Electronic. Kyowa Electronic is the number one strain gage manufacturer in the world.

Together with Test Machines Australia, we can work to improve your testing requirements, let our team work for you.