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Choosing the Best Melt Flow Index Test Manufactures & Suplliers

At Test Machines Australia we offer a wide range of premium melt flow testers, and work to ensure that all customers receive the right device to meet the demands of the job at hand.

Our team shares years of experience in all areas of the industry, and has a wealth of knowledge across all stocked melt flow testers. We offer in-demand services in both machine manufacture and distribution, working closely with all customers to provide them with a high-quality and durable device.

Our MFI testers provide objective and consistent results, and allow for greater speed and accuracy. The Tinius Olsen MP1200 series of Melt Flow Index is the current range of Melt Flow Index machines. It features 3 heating chambers which make it ideal for consistent and reliable testing. The MP1200 is also fully compatible with Horizon software.

We also carry a full range of spares for the superseded Tinius Olsen Melt Flow Indexers, and provide prompt and professional solutions in machine repairs and solutions for both MFI devices and all other testing equipment we distribute or manufacture.

Customers turn to Test Machines Australia when they want to work with a team of qualified and skilled engineers, not sales people. We know exactly what we are talking about when it comes to testing equipment, and provide comprehensive assistance and support to all customers across Australia.

To learn more about the lasting advantages of our melt flow testers, customers simply have to contact our team on 0418 369 505.

What are Melt Flow Index Machines?

Melt Flow Index machines are crucial for polymer testing and quality control. They measure the melt flow rate of thermoplastic materials, indicating their ease of melting and flow under specific conditions.

The MFI consists of a heated barrel and a piston with a standard-sized orifice through which the molten polymer is extruded. By applying predetermined weight and temperature, the resulting extrudate is collected and weighted to calculate the melt flow rate. This measurement assesses the polymer’s processing behaviour, viscosity, and flow properties, enabling evaluation for diverse applications in industries like plastics manufacturing, automotive, packaging, and medical. MFI machines provide valuable data ensuring product quality, optimising production processes, and facilitating material selection and development.

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