IZOD Impact Testers

If you want to test the impact resistance of your materials and products and ensure they can withstand high strain rates and dynamic loading conditions, IZOD Impact Testers are what you need!

Test Machines Australia is the leading supplier and service provider of IZOD impact testers in Australia and New Zealand. We offer a range of IZOD impact testers for various industries and applications, such as plastics, metals, composites, and components. 

IZOD impact testers are designed and manufactured with the highest accuracy, reliability, and efficiency standards. We offer IZOD impact testers that meet your specific requirements and standards. 

How IZOD Impact Testers Work?

The IZOD impact test is an ASTM standard method of determining the impact resistance of materials. A pivoting arm is raised to a specific height (constant potential energy) and then released. The arm swings down, hitting a notched sample and breaking the specimen. The energy absorbed by the sample is calculated from the height the arm swings to after hitting the sample. A notched sample is generally used to determine impact energy and notch sensitivity. 

The IZOD impact testers are equipped with a digital display terminal that shows the impact energy, the impact strength, and the percentage of shear area. The testers also have a safety guard that protects the operator from flying debris. The testers can be calibrated using standard weights and certified reference materials. The testers can also be connected to a computer or a printer for data transfer and documentation.

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Advantages of IZOD Impact Testing

IZOD impact tester is often considered an ideal choice due to its many advantages. Some of the features and benefits of our IZOD impact testers are:

  • Depending on your test specifications, they can perform uniaxial or biaxial impact testers with or without axial load.
  • They can operate at various speeds and angles, precisely controlling and measuring impact energy and deformation.
  • They can handle various specimens and fixtures with different sizes, shapes, and materials.
  • They are compatible with the Horizon software package, which allows you to collect, analyse, and share your data securely and easily. 
  • They are backed by our comprehensive warranty and after-sales service, including technical support, calibration, and repair.

Whether you need to test the impact strength, toughness, fracture behaviour, or ductile-brittle transition temperature of your materials or products, we have the right IZOD impact tester. Contact us today to learn more about IZOD impact testers!

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