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Universal Testing Machines ( UTM )

Universal testing machines, or UTM, are devices and systems that are used to perform a wide range of necessary tests of various manufactured items.

These hydraulic and electromechanical systems are suitable for items that require static testing to ensure their level of safety and overall performance. As the name suggests, a single UTM device can be used to conduct several static tests that would otherwise require separate machines. These static tests include, bend, tear, peel, compression, and tensile testing, as well as a range of other crucial mechanical tests.

When you work with the Test Machine Australia team, customers can be certain they will receive a reliable and honest service. We are engineers, not sales people, which means we know what we’re talking about when it comes to designing the right material testing machine that can suit certain requirements.

For more information on our available mechanical testing machines and their various advantages, do not hesitate to contact the qualified and knowledgeable team at Test Machines Australia today.

A Comprehensive Range of Tensile Testing Machines

Test Machines Australia is the name to remember when searching for high-quality and proven tensile testing machines.

Tensile testers are used to test the strength of a sample part or component, and allow manufacturers to see exactly what level of stress will cause it to fail. Tensile testing is a crucial part of all engineering practices, and it will ensure that all elements of the final build meet the necessary safety standards and regulations. Our tensile strength tester will also ensure that they are able to stand up to frequent use for years to come without issue.

We provide support for tensile testers to customers Australia-wide, and work hard to ensure they receive a personalised and professional service from our team at all times. At Test Machines Australia we specialise in developing and distributing the very best tensile strength testers to universities, plastics companies, and other high-end manufacturers. Rest assured our team are the trusted tensile testing machine manufacturers when it comes to quality and reliability.

Durable & Dependable Dynamic Testing Machines

At Test Machines Australia we provide a comprehensive selection of quality dynamic testing machines that provide objective and consistent results on all tests completed.

Dynamic testing is used to determine how well a piece of equipment can run and be operated in a range of changeable circumstances, making sure that the device in question is always able to perform at a high level when required.

To learn more about our universal testing machines, customers can call 0418 369 505.