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Kyowa Strain Gages

Here at Test Machines Australia we only offer the highest quality and most reliable products and devices to our customers. That is why we are proud to be a sought-after distributor of Kyowa strain gauges across Australia.

These unassuming components play a vital part in assessing the overall strength and durability of materials or objects, with the strain gauge ensuring that they can more than meet the weight and load-bearing requirements they would face at any given time.

Strain Gauge

All of our available strain gauges offer greater speed and accuracy when it comes to testing, and always offer precise and objective results. At Test Machines Australia we provide Industry leading Kyowa gauges and other in-demand devices, such as universal testing machines, to high-end manufacturers, plastics and packaging companies, and universities across Australia. Our skilled and experienced team also provides support to all customers throughout the country, and can provide prompt and professional repair and servicing solutions to keep any and all strain gauges applications89 in Australia running smoothly.

In addition to our sought-after distribution services for Kyowa gauges, the Test Machines Australia team also provides comprehensive and leading manufacturing work to all customers. We can design and develop machines to suit the specific needs of our customers, and always provide them with a product that will deliver unparalleled stress measurement results and premium functionality.

Working with Test Machines Australia means you are working with a team of knowledgeable and trusted engineers, not sales representatives. For all further enquiries regarding our Kyowa strain gauges, simply call us today on 0418 369 505.