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Impact Testing Machine

At Test Machines Australia we are proud to be a sought-after name when it comes to impact testing machines that have been manufactured for Australian conditions and industries.

Impact testing

Our friendly and skilled team share years of industry experience and can provide all customers with proven and professional services to help them secure the right impact testing machine to meet their specific needs.

As the name suggests, our impact testing machines are used to measure the strength of a particular material or compound when subject to a sudden force. These tests are a vital part of many engineering processes, and help to ensure that all materials or parts used in a build or construction project not only meet the necessary strength and durability requirements, but surpass them. The aim of impact testing is to demonstrate at what force the material will fail, and to make sure it is safe to use in the given circumstance.

We provide testing machines to customers from a diverse range of industries, as well as rubber, packaging, and plastics manufacturers, universities, and high-end manufacturers.

In addition to our distribution and manufacturing solutions, the Test Machines Australia team also provide comprehensive repairs and servicing, assisting our customers in keeping their impact testing machinery running smoothly and without issue, and ensuring that all results gained are accurate and reliable.

So when they are looking for the very best in impact testing machines, and want to work with a team of qualified engineers and not sales representatives, customers from across the country know to trust Test Machines Australia. Call 0418 369 505 today for all further enquiries.